That Weird Machine – Turbo Grafx 16 Mini Launches May 22

by | May 17, 2020 | Video Games

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I’ve always considered the TurboGrafx 16 to be a weird machine. Not so weird that I didn’t own one (because I did) but weird because it was always placed smack in the middle between the SNES and the Genesis. Like, the middle child of a dysfunctional family, the TGFX was never as popular as its older and more established siblings. Instead, it tried very hard to carve out a niche for itself by appealing to players who were still undecided as to which console to support. Despite being the first to enter the 16-bit race, the TGFX was hampered by poor marketing and was never able to break into the North American gaming scene. Because of the poor showing, many considered it a console failure.

But in this crazy industry, things have a funny way of working itself out and with the popularity retro-reboots, Konami is pulling out all the stops to ensure this little guy does better than its older brother. Jam-packed with over 57 classic games, the TGFX 16 Mini will come with a USB controller, an HDMI cable, a micro-USB cable for charging, and of course, lots of nostalgia.

With over 57 games available, this little guy will be keeping a lot of people busy this Summer

At a retail price of $99 dollars, it will be more expensive than the Genesis Mini but lines up perfectly with the NEO GEO Mini which was well worth the price. While a few classic games like Keith Courage is a weird omission, legendary titles such as R-Type, Bomberman 93, and Splatterhouse more than make up for it. And because Konami will be the sole developer for the hardware launch, expect a bunch of Konami games in there as well.

So the question is, “Should you buy one?” That depends on what you’re looking for. If you like the old retro stuff as I do, then it’s a no brainer. Or, if you just like weird looking consoles with an interesting history, then you definitely need to add this to your collection.

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