Steam breaks record … again

TL;DR: Valve’s money machine is at it again.

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Valve’s Gaming Platforms Surpasses 26.4 Million Concurrent Users

The COVID-19 pandemic caused thousands of people around the world to stay home and find new hobbies to entertain themselves. This led to many new users on Steam, and the concurrent user record was broken several times throughout 2020.

The record was most recently broken on Jan. 2 when 25.4 million players were online simultaneously, according to Steam Database. But players are still spending more time at home as the coronavirus is still impacting everyday life globally, and the record was broken again this morning.

Steam Database reported 26.3 million users online at once, which is significantly higher than the previous record. The website also reported 621,000 new users in January, a two-and-a-half percent gain. Steam has had steady growth since August of 2020, and the trend does not appear to be changing.

Read the original article from dotesports.

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