Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Teases Unreleased PvP Gameplay

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Blog, Video Games

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Developer Novaquark releases a new trailer showcasing depth and scale of space combat!

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Novaquark, the studio behind massive sci-fi MMO Dual Universe, has released a brand new trailer showcasing never-before-seen footage of Dual Universe’s unique PvP gameplay.

Today’s trailer emphasizes how Dual Universe’s PvP battles will rely on both the brain and brawn. An excellent grasp on ship construction (or the means to buy the best ships from the best ship makers) will be just as necessary as being able to maneuver swiftly on the battlefield. Ship size, materials, and weapon and damage types will all play a critical role throughout the course of the conflict. Battles, which are based on a lock-and-fire mechanism, will range in scale from small skirmishes between individuals to large-scale warfare between organizations.

“With Dual Universe’s PvP, we have tried to do something really unique and innovative, leveraging the potential of our voxel engine, and first-person immersion inside potentially very large ships,” said CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie. “Fans will have to rely on both their design and combat skill in order to stake a claim for themselves in battle. It’s all about strategy and planning, teamwork and coordination, just like real life, large-scale naval battles.”

The trailer also showcases the game’s real-time voxel damage, where player-built ships sustain damage depending on the flow of battle, and battleship crews, where every squad or organization member has a role to play in combat. Novaquark has stated that more details and information regarding PvP will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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