The Takeover PC Review – A tribute to the classics

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Reviews, Video Games

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

If you’ve longed for a proper tribute to Final Fight or Streets of Rage, then The Takeover is just what you’ve been looking for!

When will these street thugs ever learn? They’re always trying to take over not just the neighborhood, but the whole damn city too! But that’s okay because we got a core of hot-tempered vigilante badasses ready, willing, and capable of taking them down. This time though, they will be taking the fight to the streets armed with an impressive arsenal of new moves, weapons, and special abilities.

Developed and published by Pelikan13, The Takeover pays homage to the classic beat’em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. The first thing you notice about The Takeover is the glorious modernized graphics. The colors, special effects, and dazzling backgrounds make this fight worthy of going the full round. The story is as old as time, but it goes something like this: a bunch of rowdy hooligans kidnaps the daughter of one of our heroes and they vow to get her back using any means necessary. You hit the mean streets ready to give (and take) punishment to find her and to clean up the crime-infested city once and for all. The engaging graphics features well-detailed characters that are easily identifiable even with half a dozen characters on screen at once. As for sounds, the effects put up a brave front with clear grunts and groans and a heavily stylized techno beat that is sure to keep your fist-pumping.

As a standard beat’em up, The Takeover delivers solid gameplay and borrows heavily from the classics, especially in character appearance and moves. You have your typical mohawk fighting brute, a sword-wielding femme fatale, and the shirtless goons who patiently wait their turn before punching you in the face.

Unfortunately, the problems that plagued side-scrolling fighters from the past seems to rear its ugly head every so often in the form of hit detection. Oftentimes, when you’re surrounded by enemies, trying to get them lined up to deliver a devastating rage attack doesn’t always work resulting in nothing more than a few background items exploding but no real damage being done to your foes. Another drawback is some of the levels are long-winded, making it feel like you’re just smashing buttons instead of dishing out punishment. This is especially true for the flying jet sequence where it seemed to go on and on a little too long for my liking. Fortunately, what’s long for some, maybe perfect for others. Something else to consider is that you can play with a buddy using local co-op but not online which is something this type of game needs. Hopefully, this will be added in a future update or in a sequel.

All-in-all, the developer has done an admirable job of tapping into our memory bank with The Takeover. While it does not best any of the originals, it does provide enough fun, attitude, and thumb numbing action to keep players fighting until Streets of Rage 4 is released.

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