Short Review: FIFA 21 PC – The World at Your Feet

TL;DR: FIFA 21 scores a definite GOAL!

by | Nov 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Without a doubt, when it comes to soccer games, the majority of them have been defined by the FIFA series and Electronic Arts’ newest offering is showing no signs of letting this dominance falter.

As always, FIFA delivers more teams than you have probably ever heard of: over 500 in total, including more than 175 national squads and the full season schedules for the 16 leagues ranging from the MLS to the English Premier League. On top of that, you can tackle the World Cup Qualifications, play through extensive tournaments s and create your own players, teams, leagues, and championship cups.


With EAs new Natural Collision System at play, games take on a more authentic feel

A Thrilling Finish

Because this is FIFA, I’m not going to write lengthy paragraphs on the nuances of soccer as many of you are already familiar with the series. Instead, I’ll just write a short mock-up of the extensive features and the really interesting passing system in FIFA 21. Instead of rubber banding the ball on preset paths between teammates, you can pass the ball anywhere-including any open space to set up a running play. If you’re used to old school passing, this new system may be tricky to learn, but it will pay off with a much deeper and realistic control. Tighter tackling, better ball physics, and smarter teammate AI make the gameplay feel more organic and exciting.

Although most of the camera angles force you to squint your eyes, FIFA 21 is a wonderful looking game packing smooth animations, lavish player models, and life-like stadiums with cool billboard signs and true to life crowd chants. The audio is very immersive featuring the pair of British commentators we’ve grown to know and love.

If you have anything more than a faint interest in soccer, pick up a copy if you haven’ already done so. It’s a fantastic game that’s worth every cent.

Overall Score: 90%

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