Monster Truck Championship PC Review

TL;DR: Monster Truck Championship offers players big wheels, big crashes, and lighthearted fun. 

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When you first fire up your engines, Monster Truck Championship from Teyon Studios seems like more fun than a new set of mud flaps. It’s a definite improvement over previous monster trucking games, though it can’t really compete against, arguably, the best of the genre in Monster Truck Madness,

MTC includes over 50 customizable elements, 25 arenas, and three different leagues to compete in. Races tend to include more off-road obstacles, such as water, barrels, and grimy mud, while circuit tracks offer more flat-out racing with customizable laps. The single-player tracks range from the mundane Kilgore Raceway to the chaotic Grand Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Regardless of the location, each course is reasonably long and heavy on variety. In short, even the weariest off-roader will find quite a bit of long-term challenges in this game.

monster truck championship pc

Missed the jump by that much…

King of the Hill

In addition to the newer modes like Destruction and Freestyle, the online features arena style racing in which up to 8 players can compete in thumb blistering action. Measured in minutes instead of laps, the emphasis here is not necessarily to beat the track but to beat your opponents to become king of the mud hill. It’s rowdy, dirty, and fun. In fact, you’ll be repeating many of the courses just to see how much damage you can do.

Graphics in MTC are very polished and look great whether you’re viewing the action from the outside or the inside of your truck. The game runs extremely smooth, with tight, responsive controls, and a high frame rate even with every graphical option maxed out on a 4K monitor. Variable customization like tweaking your truck’s color, gear ratio, suspension, and everything else in between spices up the replay value and adds more immersion to the races.

Controls are precise but feel very different especially if you are unfamiliar with the behaviors of monster trucks. While the keyboard is supported, playing the game with a dual pad controller, or better yet, an actual wheel and pedal setup is the best way to go to maximize your enjoyment.

While Monster Truck Championship offers a lot of trucking variety, it doesn’t quite live up to the expectation set by Microsoft’s Monster Truck Madness. Still, there are a lot of things to like about this version if you’re willing to give it a chance. It won’t quite get you to hog heaven, but it’s the best rough-and-tumble truck racing game thus far.

Overall Score: 80%

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