Psst…wanna see something cool? A peek at our retro display

TL;DR: What’s old is old … but they still look cool as heck!

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Game displays. Every retro gamer or collector has one and here at WWG, we’re no different. While we enjoy playing all the cool new games released so far (yeah, I’m looking at you Cyberpunk!), we also dabble in a lot of retro gaming. In fact, after a long day at work, we usually find ourselves taking a break and playing a game of Zaxxon or Ms. Pac Man on the 7800. Yes, you heard me right, the Atari 7800.

With that said, here’s a peek at a few of our retro display around the office and at home.

retro display

A couple of vintage PC boxes of Daytona and Nascar. Notice the cool Crazy Taxi model car in the center. Cool, huh?

retro displays

Ms. Pac Man and Dig Dug still get plenty of play-time here at WWG!

retro displays

A couple of Star Wars figurines we picked up at a trade show in the mid-90s. We also purchased a box of those Super Street Thumb Fighters from a vendor for about $1 a box.  

retro display

We made this collage out of the extra 3D0 boxes that weren’t in the best condition. But instead of throwing them completely out, we just cut around the damaged areas and preserved the rest. The Street Fighter display was a side marquee from an old SF arcade cabinet. 

retro display

The Megaman and Super Mario displays are actually mini-standees that we purchased from a trade show here in Los Angeles. The mini-Sackboy was a promotional giveaway during the launch of the PS3.

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