You’re no hotshot at all. Hotshot Racing review

A retro-inspired racing game that tries to capture the thrill and excitement of Daytona and Virtua Racing, but fails in its execution.

Wala Wala is a humble community with even humbler beginnings. I hope it can become a platform to empower developers and gamers and inspire them to give back to their communities however they can.

Ian Ilano

Co-Founder / Warhammer Nerd

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New Co-Op Action Game, Evil West Coming to PC and Console 2021

Flying Wild Hog and Focus Home Interactive are excited to announce Evil West, a new solo and co-op action game set in the weird, dark fantasy, Wild West universe.

Game Characters Hitting the 30 Year Mark

It’s a milestone year for video game characters who made their debut in 1990 – they’ve been around for more than three decades which is a long time in video game years!

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