NACON Introduces Their New MG-X Series and Accessories

TL;DR: Our Dead By Daylight Mobile fingers are ready.

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Earlier this week, Nacon unveiled its range of new accessories — and we couldn’t be more excited. Our Dead By Daylight mobile fingers are twitching…

Nacon announced their newest Nacon MG-X Series, a range of accessories specially designed for Android mobile devices and cloud gaming. They also introduced two new customizable controllers designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10.

MG-X Series Controllers

The new MG-X controllers function exactly like the official game controllers, allowing Xbox fans to enjoy an optimal gaming experience on their smartphones.

The MG-X controllers are resilient, sturdy, and can securely fit any Android smartphone up to 6.7 inches. The controller connects to any Android smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2. The included rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of gaming. Honestly, it’s a very interesting design, and we’re excited to see how it feels in hand when we get our hands on it.

MGXPRO_04 wala wala games mobile controller

MG-X Pro For a More Traditional Experience

If you’re a gamer looking for an experience closer to a traditional Xbox controller, you can always opt for the MG-X Pro controller. This controller replicates the shape of your favorite controller, offering two handles, your favorite button layout, and the same comfort and robustness you are accustomed to.

RevProX_03 wala wala games

Revolution X and Pro Compacy Controllers

Nacon also announced that the Revolution line of controllers continue onto the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Fully customizable and optimized for competitive gaming on consoles and PC, all of Nacon’s expertise in creating professional controllers has gone into developing the Revolution X.

The Revolution X appeals to the most demanding gamers. It offers full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry stick, stick accessories, and additional weights. It’s also beautifully-crafted too. I mean, look at that thing up here.

wala wala games XBOX-COMPACT-CONTROLLER-Black_01

Ergonomically tailored to a wide range of hand sizes, gamers will also love the many customizable options available with Nacon’s Pro Compact controller. The Pro Compact is a versatile and accessible controller with many different settings found in professional controllers, making it an ideal choice for any gamer looking for the best in comfort and customization. Fans can also choose a standard Game Mode or Advanced Mode, thanks to the dedicated app available for console and PC.

Ultimately, we’re excited to hear about this new development from Nacon. The MG-X Series seems poised to benefit the growing number of mobile gamers. And their Revolution X and Pro Compact controllers are something we’ll look to pick-up when they release early 2021.

You can pick-up your Nacon gear on Amazon!

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